Bang Bang Flavor Gang - Finger Lickin' BBQ Blend

Gustus Vitae
$9.99 USD

Fulfilled by our friends at Gustus Vitae

Flavor Packin', Never Lackin'

Unload some finger-licking flavor with Bang Bang Flavor Gang, an all-natural gourmet spice rub that'll make you want your seconds first. Carefully crafted in small batches from only the very finest in ultra-premium, non-GMO ingredients, like rosemary needles ginger, pure Pacific Ocean sea salt, and Italian basil, this artisanal seasoning is never outmatched and never outgunned.

All flavor everything -  craft unforgettable meals, naturally, with this pro-chef quality rub that's bold enough to stand up to the smoker and long cook times but delicate enough only to enhance, never overpower. Bang Bang brings out the best in everything from smoked wings to roasted veggies and foil-wrapped potatoes to seared steaks. No matter what's on the menu, make it sing with a seasoning that elevates simple plates into signature dishes. 

Bang Bang Flavor Gang - Finger Lickin' BBQ Blend makes for an excellent marinade. It shines as a sauce: try mixing in with extra virgin olive oil for a thick meat rub or with sour cream, Greek yoghurt, crème fraîche or unsalted butter for an instant dipping sauce with bold flavor, perfect for before, during, and after the BBQ.

  • 6 oz (170g) net wt.
  • They are crafted in small batches.
  • Hand-packed in California from local and imported ingredients.
  • Not irradiated or treated with EtO gas.
  • No nuts, soy, gluten, dairy, or wheat.
  • No MSG, anti-caking agents, or fillers of any kind.

Bang Bang Flavor Gang Contains Garlic, Onion, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Black Pepper, Paprika, Red Pepper Flakes, Green Bell Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, Rosemary Needles, Ginger, Raspberry, Cilantro, Chives, Basil, White Pepper, Parsley, Dill.