CERAMIC KNIFE: Red soft touch handle; White Ceramic Blade ... 4" Blade by Peterson Housewares & Artwares

Peterson Housewares & Artwares
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Fulfilled by our friends at Peterson Housewares & Artwares

CERAMIC KNIFE: Red soft touch handle -White Ceramic 4″ Blade

Fruits and veggies cut with a METAL knife tend to turn brown fairly quickly (called oxidization); but with a CERAMIC KNIFE it’s much slower, IF it happens at all!
In a recent test comparison of our Ceramic Knives vs. Metal knives, oxidization took TWICE as long compared to Metal knives we tested.
CERAMIC knives start out much SHARPER than more expensive Metal knives, and stay that way much longer!
Compare details of a metal knife to our CERAMIC knives, and you’ll REALLY appreciate the CERAMIC benefits.
Many of our CERAMIC knives come in protective sheaths, have colorful comfort handles, and much more!