Complete Care Kit for Wood Cutting Boards

Virginia Boys Kitchens
$69.99 USD $88.00

Fulfilled by our friends at Virginia Boys Kitchens

"I didn't want to use a petroleum product (mineral oil) on my kitchen butcher block" - C. Malovrh

This includes our complete 4 step care line which contains a 4oz Soap bar, 8oz Seasoning Oil, 4oz wax, and an 8oz Cleaning Spray. 4 easy steps - soap bar for washing (hand-friendly!), seasoning oil for nourishing, wax for extra protection, and spray for a deep cleanse. As with all of our products these are Made in the USA and contain all natural ingredients. No GMOs, no paraffins, no mystery ingredients in any of our products - made from virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, organic beeswax, and powered by essential oils.