Loofah Bath Sponge Set Of 3 by Royal Craft Wood

Royal Craft Wood
$12.00 USD


Fulfilled by our friends at Royal Craft Wood

  • Its color-coded set of 3 family value-pack;
  • Extra-large Size & Densely knit core;
  • Bamboo Charcoal Infused design;
  • Long Sturdy Strap for ultra convenient use;
  • Fine luxurious mesh fabric for a soft and delicate composition.
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ENJOY SPA-LIKE SENSATION: Get rid of dead skin cells, excess oil, and other impurities by using our luxury shower loofah set. Exfoliating has never been easier with these body scrubbers for use in shower which are made of mesh and are bamboo charcoal infused for a natural loofah that’ll hydrate and restore your skin. Optimal gifts as shower sponges for women; treat them to ultimate relaxation and a rejuvenating bath/shower experience on demand!

BAMBOO CHARCOAL INFUSED: Nourish your skin with these bath sponges for shower use and exfoliate without irritating even the most delicate and sensitive of places. Our body wash shower pouf with activated charcoal is made of bamboo charcoal fiber and PE material, making it flexible and leaving it unchanged for a long time. Use your body sponge in conjunction with your preferred body wash or shower gel for optimal results!

FABULOUS FAMILY 3 PACK: This charcoal loofah set comes in 3 beautiful colors for your convenience. Now each member of the family can choose their own loofah body scrub sponge and not worry about mixing up whose is whose. Versatile both as a womens and mens bath loofah for optimal lathering and exfoliation all in one!

CONVENIENT SHOWER ROUTINE: Our loofah charcoal sponges feature a state of the art knit design. Specifically made as a bamboo charcoal exfoliating body sponge so you can make the most of your bathing experience! Its strong knit core makes it an incredibly durable male loofah, children's sponge, and bathing companion you can depend on!

GIFT FOR YOU: Lather them in love! Our shower loofahs balls are the perfect size, weight, and density for an enriching bathing experience. We’re sure they’ll be pleased by the quality of our shower bath sponge. It’s tightly packed yet fluffy mesh composition makes it an optimal bath loofahs sponge gift for daily use!

Size LxWxH
14.57 x 7.8 x 4.45 inches
Item Weight
7.83 Ounces
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