Mini Cutting Board Set 3 PCS by Royal Craft Wood

Royal Craft Wood
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Fulfilled by our friends at Royal Craft Wood

  • Keeps Knives Sharp
  • Catches Any Liquid Runoff
  • Double-Sided Multipurpose Design
  • Sustainable Bamboo
  • Built-In Side Handles
  • Stress-Free Cleaning
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MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence and enjoy an award-winning design and its multifunction usage! If you are not absolutely thrilled at it, we will fully refund you, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

NEW-GEN & EVOLVED DESIGN FOR BEST FUNCTIONALITY: This mini cutting board set came out with an improved design to deliver top-notch performance. Sturdy surface, built-in drip groove against spills make it the perfect mini cutting board set you wished for. A double-sided, reversible mini cutting board set also serves as an elegant charcuterie serving tray.

STYLISH & TRENDY LOOK EVER: This mini cutting board set is worth being shown off as nothing can beat the luxurious look of wood with a solid print. Presentation-wise, without SCARRING SHARP CORNERS, the mini cutting board set boasts both working well with kitchen interiors if left on a countertop and serving refreshments to your guests.

WINS HEARTS WHEN USED: This mini cutting board set is professional grade with a substantial surface that doesn't cause excessive wear and tear to cutlery and prevents scarring and cuts. The mini cutting board set makes up a perfect tool for your ambitious cooking endeavors, making it a must-have amongst wooden cutting boards for the kitchen out there.

CUTTING BOARD SET: The mini cutting board set is made of 100% real bamboo. Mini cutting board set for the kitchen with the bamboo concept are all-real, absorb less liquid.

Cutting Boards Sizes LxWxH
15”x10”x0.6”, 12”x8”x0.6”, 9”x6”x0.6”
Item Thickness
0.6 inches
Item Weight
3.75 pounds
Bamboo Wood
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